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Herbal Treatment for Post Partum Blood in Milk

        Nearly 43 post partum primi and pluriparous cows with the history of blood in milk was taken. Milk color may vary from rose (mild case)to red (severe case) and even sometime raw blood may come out from the teats. On physical examination, the udder was normal (without mastitis).

      Due to the asthetic appearance  of milk  the entire milk should be discarded resulting in economic loss and mental agony to the farmers.


        1. Apart from our routine modern chemotherapy with Enrofloxin, Adchrome, Avil, Antiinflamatory, Calcium preparations, the amazing result was obtained by giving a CRICKET BALL size of ground fresh CURRY (கருவேப்பிலை) LEAVES  mixed with juice of 6 to 7 LEMON FRUIT  twice in a day.
          2. For mild case the above curry leaves and lemon juice Bid for one day.
          3. For severe case the above treatment should be given for 4-5 days Bid.

       The active principles in the curry leaves and lemon juice may act on the blood vessels  resulting in constriction of blood vessel.(Act as styptics)


Dr.R.Kalirajan M.V.Sc., (O&G)
( Mobile: 99436 15552 )
Veterinary Asst.Surgeon,
Veterinary Dispensary,
S.Melapatti, Madurai Dt – 625 703.