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Important Days and Month

Responsible pet owner's month


Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month


World Veterinary Day

24 th April

World Rabies Day

28 th Sepetember

World Wildlife Week

1 st to 7 th October

World Farm animals Day

2nd October

world Animal Day

4 th October

World Animal Welfare Day

4th October

International Animal Rights Day

10 th December

Treatment of Blood in Milk Condition

This Condition is often called as Haemorrhagic Mastitis. This condition is not associated with infectious origin & probably due to seepage of blood from the capillaries of mammary gland.


* Occurs mostly in early Lactation
* Affects only only one quarter,rarely all 4 quarters.
* Milk appears as rose/homogenous red/blood tinged/reddish blood particles suspending in milk/
uncoagulated blood comes at the end of milking.
* Sediments of blood appears at the bottom of the vessel kept for 30minutes.
* Udder appears normal without any swelling.


1. Inj.Calcium Boro Gluconate 300-450ml Slow I/V
2. Inj.Enrofloxacin 10mg/kg I/M
3. Inj.Prednisolne 5-10ml I/M Or Infusion of Inj.Ciprofloxacin 2ml+ Inj.Prednisolone 1ml+
Sterile Water 17ml into each affected Quarter with aseptic technique.
4. Inj. Vit.AD3E 5-10ml I/M or Inj. E Care Se-10ml I/M.
5. Application of cold water or ice packs few minutes over the affected Quarter twice or thrice
a day for 3-5days.
In case of partial recovery the Rx indicated in 3 & 4 shall be repeated on next day.
This will give a perfect recovery.

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Homoeopathic Remedy for WARTS (Papillomatosis)

1. The Warts should be washed thoroughly with saturated salt solution, after drying, apply

Oint.Thuja as a thin film over the wart completely twice daily for a min period of 15days or until the warts disappear.

2. Simultaneously, Liquid.Thuja -30X potency , can be given orally 10 drops of it, twice a day for a min period of 15days or until the warts disappear.

This treatment is highly effective only for Pedunculated Warts. It will not cause wound/injury at the wart site as that of Podowart and also prevents relpse/recurrence of warts.

Mobile: 9-443-678-967

Revisied Breeding Policy of Cattle and Buffalo in Tamilnadu

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