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Treatment of Blood in Milk Condition

This Condition is often called as Haemorrhagic Mastitis. This condition is not associated with infectious origin & probably due to seepage of blood from the capillaries of mammary gland.


* Occurs mostly in early Lactation
* Affects only only one quarter,rarely all 4 quarters.
* Milk appears as rose/homogenous red/blood tinged/reddish blood particles suspending in milk/
uncoagulated blood comes at the end of milking.
* Sediments of blood appears at the bottom of the vessel kept for 30minutes.
* Udder appears normal without any swelling.


1. Inj.Calcium Boro Gluconate 300-450ml Slow I/V
2. Inj.Enrofloxacin 10mg/kg I/M
3. Inj.Prednisolne 5-10ml I/M Or Infusion of Inj.Ciprofloxacin 2ml+ Inj.Prednisolone 1ml+
Sterile Water 17ml into each affected Quarter with aseptic technique.
4. Inj. Vit.AD3E 5-10ml I/M or Inj. E Care Se-10ml I/M.
5. Application of cold water or ice packs few minutes over the affected Quarter twice or thrice
a day for 3-5days.
In case of partial recovery the Rx indicated in 3 & 4 shall be repeated on next day.
This will give a perfect recovery.

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